Cohesity – Backup Solution and Secondary Storage – All in One.

Cohesity - Backup Solution and Secondary Storage - All in One.

As today’s corporate landscape adopts more technological solutions, there is an increasing need for orderly data storage. The problem is that storing data can be a huge burden due to the cost and complications associated with creating secondary storage silos. Moreover, data often gets replicated leading to storage difficulties and inefficiencies.

This is where Cohesity comes in with it’s back up solution that doubles as secondary storage. Cohesity offers a solution that not only tackles these problems, but allows its users to backup data, deduplicate it and save it as indexed data to run programs against. In essence, it is a robust back up solution for your entire enterprise.

It is also worth noting that Gartner has predicted that there will be exponential growth in enterprise data within the next few years, thus making deduplication a critical component to any enterprise storage platform. Cohesity comes in with it’s back up solutions that, not only deduplicate data, but do so across all secondary data storage in a scale out fashion. What separates Cohesity from its competitors is the way it utilizes secondary data. With Cohesity the files are stored as “live data” where you can backup information and run development tests, queries, file services and print services against it. Inspired by web-scale principles, Cohesity Data Platform consolidates all your secondary workloads in a single, cloud-native solution.

The benefits of using Cohesity include:

  • Simplified Management: By consolidating secondary data operations onto a single scalable platform, and making it more efficient. In turn, this provides more control with less operational overhead.
  • Decreased Total Cost of Ownership: The elimination of silos and extra infrastructure not only makes secondary data operations more efficient, but can contribute to 80% of savings in overhead.
  • Mitigated Business Risk: All data is managed centrally which provides visibility and autonomy over regulated information or malicious behavior. Additionally, the platform can quickly switch to a guarded state in the event of a malware or ransomware attack. All this coupled with a disaster recovery feature, makes Cohesity’s platform a worthy business investment.

To find out if Cohesity is right for your business, speak to one of our experts today!