Carbon Black

Carbon BlackCarbon Black provides integrated coverage for every aspect of endpoint threat protection: continuous monitoring and recording for real-time visibility into every endpoint, multiple forms of signature-less threat prevention, and instant and customizable detection. The company offers the only incident response solution in the industry that combines continuous recording with live response and remediation capabilities.

Case Studies

Carbon Black Enterprise Protection – Top-10 Financial Technology Provider Stops Large-scale Server Attack Enterprise Protection


Global Information and Communications Company Protects Intellectual Property from Advanced Threats


PeoplesBank: Defeating Emerging Attacks with Cb Defense


Leading Remote Support Software Company Ensures Visibility and Security of All Endpoints and Servers


Large U.S. Law Firm Improves Visibility and Protects Endpoints and Servers


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What Our Clients Say

“I can sleep well knowing I do not have to worry about what a user is going to do on the internet [or] click on, because it doesn’t really matter… Cb Defense will catch it.”
– Christopher St. Amand Network Security Engineer, Peoples Bank

“Defense (formerly Confer) is an excellent complement to network security monitoring. It logs executables and other activity in a way that is uniquely able to provide context for other systems.”
– Grant Stavely, Senior Security Engineer, Evernote

“[Carbon Black is] a more intelligent approach to endpoint protection that is far more reactive, in a positive way, to current security threats.”
– Stuart Harrison, CISO, Medibank