Reveal(x)- Security for your Enterprise

This past Summer, ExtraHop announced the release of ExtraHop Reveal(x) for the purpose of providing Security Operation teams with a more efficient way to discover and hunt threats to enterprise systems. It is no secret that security teams often face the challenge of disseminating vital information quickly. Reveal(x) works to provide total visibility, accurate insights and immediate answers when it comes to IT security. What is Reveal(x)? Simple, it is a single physical pane of glass that monitors your entire enterprise system and provides quick insight to your security team. As we mentioned, Security Operation teams are often looking for ways to parse through the chatter and get to significant information as quickly as possible. Reveal(x) offers a risk scoring functionality that rates activity on your network and presents them to you in order of importance in a morning headline fashion. Unlike its competitors (Darktrace, Vector and Stealthwatch), Reveal(x) is the only network traffic analyzer that combines automated asset discovery and classification with cloud-based machine learning, anomaly detection, and automated peer grouping with a focus on critical assets. With the added risk scoring that reveal(x) offers, you can say goodbye to false positives and alert cannons. Reveal (x) analyzes and extracts features from more than 50 enterprise protocols and works to provide your team with east-west insight to detect and stop sophisticated threats. You can see what is traversing inside your network, such as who is opening and downloading files internally. Your security team will be given complete insight into any internal devices that are in communication with outside suspicious systems as well. These days it is not enough to be provided with useful information, you need action to be taken. Reveal(x)'s automated investigation feature allows for just that. As soon as a threat is detected, Reveal(x) quarantines it and prevents further intrusion until human action is taken.