EVaultEVault from Carbonite offers a complete portfolio of best-in-class cloud and hybrid backup and disaster recovery solutions that enable you to securely and efficiently protect your organization's critical data, automatically backing up data from across your organization, and ensuring that it is available when and where you need it.

Case Studies

Barryhund Administrators, Inc.: DoubleTake Availability™ from Carbonite provided peace of mind and ensured throughly accurate replication of all data


Btech: Pairs data backup with managed security service with Evault’s recovery solution


The Lane Construction Corportation: Centralized backups and improved disaster recovery capabilities using a disc-to-disc based backup architecture from EVault


Marlen International: Gains complete data protection from server-to-laptop through EVault’s disaster recovery solution


Waunakee Remodeling: Uses Carbonite Safe Backup to easily back up the company’s ever-changing inventory data


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What Our Clients Say

“If we lost our data, I’d be out of business. DoubleTake Availability provides me with the peace of mind of knowing that all of our data is always protected.”
-Rex Klein, CEO

“I knew right away that the solution was right for our clients.”
-Lee Bird, President, Btech

“Since we worked with Innovative to solve our backup issues and installed the EVault Enterprise Solution, our backups are more reliable and secure using the encrypted technology. Our ability to recover a server or from a site failure has been greatly improved.”
-Christopher dePadua Manager of Infrastructure Technology