VaronisVaronis is a data security platform that collects, secures and analyzes metadata in a hands-off manner and in real-time. Varonis specializes in creating software that manages and protects enterprise data against:
  • Insider Threats,
  • Data Breaches,
  • And Cyberattacks.
The platform does this by:
  • Analyzing the behavior of the people and machines that access your data,
  • Alerting on misbehavior,
  • And enforcing a least privilege model.

What is the Benefit of Varonis?

The Varonis data security platform manages sensitive information that ranges from employee created data all the way to massive enterprise data and intellectual property. It allows organizations to have more insight into their data while protecting crucial data. Varonis has over 5,350 customers spanning leading firms in:
  • Financial Services,
  • Healthcare,
  • Public,
  • Industrial,
  • Insurance,
  • Energy and Utilities,
  • Media and Entertainment,
  • Consumer and Retail,
  • Technology and Education Sectors.

Case Studies

ATB Financial was able to better manage their unstructured data and work with the data owners to assign the proper […]


Central Connecticut State University automated file permissions workflow process for IT and data owners, and established a faster and more […]


Children’s Hospital and Health System chose Varonis® DatAdvantage® for the organization’s data access and permissions auditing needs. In looking for […]


Combined Properties, Incorporated was able to keep their data in their own data centers and still provide their users the […]


Loyola University Maryland IT team quickly identified that DatAdvantage would provide them so much more. They were amazed with the […]


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What Our Clients Say

“Varonis works across the whole organization – it works with our infrastructure, our active directory, it works on all the hardware and software we have. It’s allowed us to see what goes on – and see what’s out there. We were able to detect and disable a ransomware infection within 10 minutes of an attack.”
– Wade Sendall | Vice President of IT, Boston Globe

“Of all the expensive security products we’ve purchased, DatAlert is the only solution that has done, and is doing, all of the alerting and notification of anomalous behavior, especially ransomware”
– IT Director | Government Law Enforcement Agency

“We wanted to ensure that we could prevent and monitor any ransomware or malware attacks: DatAlert has allowed us to do that very easily. It was demonstrated very quickly that this is a product that works, Varonis does what it says it can do.”

– Ron Mark | Innovation and IT Manager, Gas Strategies