Arista Networks

Arista Networks delivers software-driven cloud networking solutions for large data center and computing environments. Arista offers a broad portfolio of Gigabit Ethernet solutions including 1/10/40GbE and 100GbE large buffer switches that redefine network architectures, bring automation to the network, and dramatically change the price/performance of enterprise data center networks. At the core of Arista's platform is the Extensible Operating System (EOS™), a ground-breaking network operating system with single-image consistency across hardware platforms, and modern core architecture enabling in-service upgrades and application extensibility.

What are the Benefits of Arista Networks?

Arista is focused on solving real network problems through software innovation, unlike their competitors who focus on releasing more and more proprietary switches and controllers in an attempt to solve the challenges which, face network operators today. Arista’s modern approach to building network switches has made them the #2 switching vendor in the worldwide data center and cloud networking market. Benefits of Arista Network Switches:
  • Get into any account, regardless of incumbent vendor, with Arista DANZ, tap aggregation functionality.
  • Zero learning curve.
  • Stunning application visibility with features like LANZ (Latency Analyzer) and DANZ.
  • Full visibility in the Virtualized environment with VM Tracer.
  • The only switch operating system running pure, unmodified Linux coupled with Hardware.
  • Proven in production in 8 of 10 largest clouds in the world.
  • Proven in production in 8 of 10 largest financial organizations in the world.
  • Focused on Data Center, Enterprise Core, Service Provider, SDN, Hybrid Cloud.
  • Highest density, highest performance, lowest-latency, lowest power consumption.
  • New “value model” in 10GbE switching with list pricing starting under $400 per 10GbE port.
  • The world’s most programmable open switching platform is based on Arista’s Extensible Operating System (EOS).
If you are looking for a network switch that is familiar to your staff, yet very innovative at the same time, then Arista is for you.

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